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Saturday 16 December 2017


How many gigawatts of electricity does it take to power up a Dublin Rose? That Hip Hop dancing move was a classic bit of telly and with more than 100,000 views on YouTube already. Could we tap her for a bit of power generation? It'd be much cheaper than any of the other shower. For someone using €100 per month who isn't on the bog standard ESB rate. Quotes from

Best ESB Super Saver direct with online billing €1049.44

Avoid Bord Gais direct debit €1,197.30

Saving €147.86

contact or 1850 30 50 90

Basic cable telly

If there's such a massive price war going on between Sky and UPC for new customers, then why does the basic package cost €23 per month at both companies. Hardly the greatest bit of competition, is it? Sky's €49 extra bit for the Sky Plus box is the only difference. UPC has 46 channels including old rubbish like Alibi and Gold, while Sky has 36 plus some of the same channels in HD. Both bloat their listings with a bunch of plus 1 stations -- which is the same channel but the shows start an hour later. On a coin flick, UPC has more kids' stations than Sky.

Best Upc Digital Value €23 per month

Avoid Sky €23 per month plus €49 one-off charge

Saving €49

contact or 1890 940 070


Whoaah. Michael Noonan's three-year plan means even worse news for you and me. It looks pretty ominous that higher taxes and massive spending cuts are going to make life that bit more unpleasant. If every single penny wasn't already accounted for now, it will be after the budget. Get your money (what money?) into a higher interest rate account. Reef-it-out-quick accounts for €5,000. Figures from

Best AIB Direct 3.25 per cent

Avoid Investec 0.25 per cent

Saving €150 over a year

contact or local branch

Pre-paid mobiles

If you are lucky your mobile phone company will ring you to change you on to a better tariff if you're spending too much. But sometimes they might be too busy having lunch. Run your usage through to see how badly you're doing. For a pre-paid customer using 400 minutes of calls -- half to other mobiles, not to mention the 400 texts. Minimum top-ups of €20 plus per month. Well worth noting that if you signed up for bill pay, your monthly outlay would be €35.

Best Meteor Anytime €32.50 per month

Avoid O2 Experience Plus €141.27 per month

Saving €1,305.24 per year

contact or local stores.

Home heating oil

There's a lot to look forward to over coming months. The return of swine flu, more torrential rain. Snow. And having to turn the heaters on again. For 1,000 litres of home heating oil in the Dublin region. Quotes from

Best Dublin Oil €780

Avoid Jones Oil €798

Saving €18

contact or 01-816 8000

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