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Tuesday 16 January 2018

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Does Lent seem a bit longer than usual? There's a whole month to go, avoiding the new Kit Kat Caramels or the little Cream Egg things or even some of the old reliables like a Moro. While it'll be a fast-track to heaven for giving up sweets for six weeks, at least we can save a bit of moolah by getting cheaper Easter eggs. Buying three eggs, a small Malteser egg, one medium-sized Flake and one big Caramel one. Drool. Next year I'm giving up carrots!

Best: Londis €9.48

Avoid: Superquinn €14.97

Saving: €5.49

Backpacker insurance

Go on then. Shove off. Not quite official government policy but pretty damn close to it. Cover for loafing around Australia for a year. Apart from the sports fans, sharks, funnelweb spiders, horrible chocolate and soap operas, it's not a bad place at all.

Best: €129.99

Avoid: USIT €330.00

Saving: €200.01

contact or call 0818 28 64 55


Halifax, which offered some of the most overpriced mortgages of the last year, is gone. So, who will take up the mantle of Ireland's worst-value mortgage provider? How about a big cheer for National Irish Bank -- which used to be the best by a mile. Awful, awful fixed rates, along with the rest of the foreign-owned banks. The Permo should not be smug. It has terrible variable rates, especially for a 25-year deal for €400,000 (75 per cent LTV). Quotes from


Best: BoI €1,774.39 per month

Avoid: Permo €2,112 a month

Saving: €4,051.32 a year

Two-year fixed

Best: BoI €1,824.83 per month

Avoid: NIB €2208 a month

Saving: €4598.04 per year

Five-year fixed

Best: AIB €2,080 a month

Avoid: NIB €2,444 per month

Saving: €4,368 a year

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