Friday 24 May 2019

'Digital doctor is a major reason why health cover is worth the cost for us'

Vanessa Moran with her son Joseph (6) and daughter Charlie Weston Sofia (2). Photo: Tony Gavin
Vanessa Moran with her son Joseph (6) and daughter Charlie Weston Sofia (2). Photo: Tony Gavin
Charlie Weston

Charlie Weston

Vanessa Moran would not be without health insurance for herself and her family.

Ms Moran is particularly keen on the digital doctor free service that is offered as part of her Irish Life plan.

As a mother who works outside the home, the online GP service saves her time and money when she or her children are ill, but not bad enough to require hospitalisation.

She and husband Giovanni Brozzu, who is from Sardinia, have a son Joseph (6) and daughter Sofia (2), and live in south Dublin.

Joseph had to have dental surgery which was covered as part of their Be Fit 2 plan with Irish Life Healthcare in the Beacon Clinic in Dublin.

"Health insurance is good value. My son had to have dental surgery. The cost of that would have been more than the cost of the plan for a year," she said.

The family pays €2,860 a year for its cover.

She works at jobs site Indeed. Her husband works in a shipping company.

The digital doctor service is particularly useful in a family where both parents work outside the home.

She has used the service a few times, most recently for her daughter who had a throat infection.

Ms Moran spoke to a GP via an app and was able to get a diagnosis and a prescription for her daughter, and avoided taking a day off work.

"The digital doctor is a major reason why I have health insurance.

"It is a huge saving in time and money. It means I do not have to take a half day or a day off work if I know my children need a specific treatment," she said.

The service means having a consultation by video and if a prescription is needed this can be emailed to the pharmacy, and picked up.

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