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Debt collectors to chase those refusing to pay property tax as deadline looms


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Homeowners who have yet to pay the property tax have been warned that time is running out to comply.

Revenue has also warned that, although most people are paying the tax, debt collectors are to be engaged to chase those who are refusing to hand over the money.

New figures from the tax authority show that the lowest compliance rate is in Donegal, with homeowners in Carlow the most compliant in the country.

Those who have yet to pay have until Thursday to get their payment made on time.

This applies to people paying using a debit or credit card, by cheque or by annual debit authority. Those who pay by annual debit authority will not see the money leave their bank account until March 21 next.

Revenue said that close to €500m was raised last year from the tax, with another €2m being paid in the household charge arrears.

Some 1.68 million properties are liable for the tax - and 97pc of householders paid up again last year, which is in line with previous years.

Revenue said the "vast majority" of property owners fully comply with the tax.

Donegal had a compliance of 93.3pc, compared with 99.6pc for Carlow.

Some 250,000 warning letters were issued last year, with most of those paying up after getting the letter.

"However, there was a relatively small number of cases that chose to remain non-compliant, which left Revenue with no alternative but to deploy debt collection/enforcement measures or other sanctions to ensure payment," Revenue said.

Tax officials referred 797 cases to a sheriff or a solicitor for collections.

Some 12,800 people were refused a tax-clearance certificate. Most of these people got a clearance cert after agreeing to pay the tax.

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