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Sunday 21 January 2018


Bond is back -- but going out to a movie these days can be a costly affair. With the hefty ticket prices some cinemas charge, plus up to €10 on a standard popcorn and drink, it's no wonder that 'nights in' have grown in popularity. It is nice to get out once in a while though, and by scanning through different cinema prices it's not hard to see where you can save. Based on two evening cinema trips a month for a year (adult).

Best: Savoy €206.40

Avoid: Odeon (Point Village) €300

Save: €93.60

Converse trainers

It's amazing how nextdoor stores sell identical products at different prices. One example I found was the Converse trainer. Of course some stores offer a better or wider selection, but if you're looking for the basic colours (red, navy, charcoal, pink) you'll find the best deal at Footlocker.

Best: Footlocker: €44.99

Avoid: Korky's: €52.99

Save: €8

Movie downloads

Movie rental stores have run their course. As well as being thin on the ground, they hit you for 'late return' bills if you forget to drop back that Friday-night chick flick. Using iTunes to download the latest movies is certainly the way to go! Save yourself the money and stress of rushing to the video shop at 11.58pm to return the DVD. A clever trick which I now use religiously to save even further is to get the odd relative to pick up an American iTunes giftcard when in the States. I can then use this giftcard to get the latest releases up to a month ahead of Europe, as well as saving on the currency exchange. Based on two new release movies a month for a year.

Great: €95.76

Better: $95.76 = €73.50

Save: €22.26

iPhone repair

Many people have suffered that horrible moment when their iPhone or iPod comes flying out of their hand, falls on to the hard footpath, screen cracked. This can only be followed by a gasp of horror as they ponder the cost to fix it. But fear not, if you shop around you can find the best price for your repair, although even the cheapest is still costly. If you really want to save, will send you the necessary parts to repair your screen for €39.99 as well as an easy installation guide, support, aftercare and a 12-month warranty. Based on screen repair for an iPhone 4S.

Best: collect and repair service: €64.98

Avoid: Right-Click €99

Save: €34.02

Mobile networks

Looking at Ireland's four leading mobile networks (Vodafone, O2, Meteor and 3) on the Irish Communication Regulator's site, I found that you get the best value for your money by topping up by €20 in one go once a month on all the networks. But 3 Mobile certainly offers the best deal (unlimited weekend any network minutes, 'all you can eat' data, unlimited anytime any network texts and free 3 to 3 calls) as well as the best monthly prices. Based on one month's usage for a pre-pay customer for a year, using 100 minutes a month (50 per cent mobile, 50 per cent landline calls), 500 texts and 10 picture messages.

Best: 3 €319.08

Avoid: Vodafone €445.20

Save: €126.12

Hannah Lynch is a transition year student at Loreto College, St Stephen's Green, Dublin

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