Saturday 20 January 2018

'We're saving €400 a month and looking to do even better'

Henry and Rose Butler from Co Clare with their three daughters
Henry and Rose Butler from Co Clare with their three daughters

Case Study

Rose Butler was tired of "doing the bank a favour" when it came to her credit card bill.

"We were just paying off the minimum each month so the interest kept building. I guess it's the easy thing to do when you were strapped for cash at the end of the month.

"And sure, the bank was delighted cause they were squeezing that little bit extra from us."

Worried about their outgoings and unable to save for college for their three young children, Rose and her husband Henry decided to take the plunge and reach out to RTÉ's newest show, My Money And Me.

"It was like they were talking to us; do you struggle to save? Yes. Do you waste food? Yes. Do you pay bills without looking at them? Yes. It was us all over.

"We're not the types to be buying Nike this and designer that, we're just an everyday family. But at the end of every month we were always looking at ourselves and asking, 'where's all the money going?'"

Aside from getting help with the credit card, Rose learned she was spending €70 more each week on food than the norm for a family of their size.

"We'd buy food with such grand expectations but so much of it would go in the bin. They closed off the freezer and challenged us to live out of our fridge… we were genuinely shocked that we managed it. Now weeks later, barely anything is getting thrown out!

"The biggest surprise was that we didn't really have to make any real changes. No beans on toast for us every night. It was just down to making sensible choices and watching what we bought.

"Now we're saving €400 a month and looking to do even better. My house insurance renewal came up last week and rather than fork out the usual €430, I did something I never do - I picked up the phone and shopped around. One hour later, and I'm saving another €130!"

David Kearns

Irish Independent

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