Friday 20 April 2018

Ten of the best smartphone apps for getting on top of your daily finances

We might all be a bit richer if we had more money-management apps on our phones
We might all be a bit richer if we had more money-management apps on our phones
Louise McBride

Louise McBride

We can't get enough of communicating with each other - judging by the take-up some of the most popular smartphone apps out there. WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram and Twitter - which all help us communicate faster and easier - are some of the most downloaded smartphone apps. However we're not all Facebook-mad teenagers and in fact we might all be a bit richer if we had more money-management apps on our phones.

Here are ten apps worth having on your phone when it comes to organising your finances.


Ideal for traders, investors or anyone new to the stock markets, this app is essentially a social network where you can discuss investments with other like-minded people. It helps you to keep on top of what's happening on stock markets - and make informed investment decisions.

"We collate information from social media like Twitter so you are always going to get quick and up-to-date information about your favourite stocks, currencies and commodities," said Kheang Ly, founder of Scutify.

PAYE Health Expenses Tracker

This is basic app but useful if you have young children or a hypochondriac in the family. It allows you to record the medical bills you clock up during the year - and to claim a tax refund for the expenses you have built up.

You must be registered for Revenue's PAYE Anytime service to claim a tax refund through the app. This app will be replaced by a new one in 2016.

Moneywiz 2

This app helps you keep track of your money, plan your bills, and check how your budget is doing. It should also stop you from spending money you don't have as it alerts you when you're short of money - and tells you how much more bills you have to pay until your next pay cheque.


The Reep app has a 'spend report' which helps you keep track of your spending. It will tell you how much you spend in individual stores and what exactly you are spending your money on - from baby products to fresh food to clothing to electronics and so on.

Handy if you need to cut back on your spending - and want to identify where you're wasting money.

My Pension

Keep an eye on how well your pension is doing with Irish Life's My Pension app. This app allows you to check the current value of your pension fund, and get an idea of the pension you're likely to get at retirement.

It will also give you a breakdown of the funds your money is invested in. You must have an Irish Life defined contribution or additional voluntary contribution (AVC) scheme to use the app.

XE Currency

Next time you're about to head off on holidays outside the eurozone, download this free app. It provides up-to-date exchange rates for more than 150 countries and currencies - and so reduces your chances of getting ripped off when buying foreign exchange abroad.

It will also help you understand how expensive (or cheap) something is before you buy it abroad - as you can convert the local price into euros.


Ideal for those who are never off their smartphone, this app examines your mobile phone usage and tells you exactly how much you would pay on every mobile phone plan in Ireland.

Useful if you want to find the best mobile deal out there.

Money Lover

A good app which helps you manage your money better - and find out where your money goes. It helps you to stay on top of your bills, track debts and loans, and create achievable saving goals.


iAccounts is a free iPhone app which saves all your passwords, website logins, account details, and PINs securely in one location.

As banks, insurers, and utility companies increasingly encourage their customers to manage their accounts and bills online, this app is handy when managing your money and bills.

"Like many consumers, more and more of my personal finance business is being conducted online," said Brian Purcell, president of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland. "With a plethora of accounts, it is all too easy to forget logins and passwords. iAccounts is easy to use, and the frustration of being locked out of an account for putting in the wrong password is a thing of the past since I started using it."

CPA Ireland Business Tracker

A handy app which helps entrepreneurs and business owners keep track of their company's financial performance.

"This app gives business owners a good overview of the position of their business in relation to profitability, liquidity, asset utilisation, gearing, and market value," said Mr Purcell.

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