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Objects of Desire with Rebecca Storm

Rebecca Storm.
Rebecca Storm.
Chanel No. 5, €126 for 100ml,
Rebecca Storm's artificial grass, €2,000
Rebecca Storm's six by four foot mirror, which she bought for £500
Rebecca Roberts.
Rebecca Storm in a Richard Lewis-created dress.
About ten years ago, I was asked to sing in Beijing, China. Kenny and I were both drawn to a lovely table with six small stools, and we 'bargained' them down to what we thought was a great deal of €1,000.
Rebecca Storm's wedding ring, which she bought in Manhattan for $200
Chinese bedside cabinet for only €230.55 from,
Ascot Glitter Round Mirror, €24.99,
9ct gold diamond cut and satin twist wedding ring, €55.49,
Elizabeth Taylor created White Diamonds, €24.25 sale price for 100ml EDT,

Ireland's first lady of song tells Andrea Smith about her favourite purchases

Stage dresses

Richard Lewis has designed and created two amazing gowns for me for performances. They are so glamorous and yet so incredibly comfortable. Richard has retired now, although I'm looking forward to seeing him at the Dublin concert on Saturday, as my beautiful dresses are precious and priceless to me.


I've always had a bottle of Chanel No. 5 (€126 for 100ml, in my bedroom. It smells of pure class to me. Marilyn Monroe said, "What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course" and I figure if it's good enough for her....


When we moved into our house in Kildare, we built a disastrous patio with concrete flags and small white stones. One night I decided I'd had enough and ordered artificial grass from Belfast for €2,000. I had sleepless nights thinking I'd done something crazy, but our gardener fitted it beautifully and I've never looked back. In the summer I can practically hoover it!


I moved to London in 1987 and bought a place in Holland Park. It was a very exclusive part of the city, and I could only afford a very small two-bedroomed flat. My designer friend suggested adding mirrors, so I bought a six by four foot mirror for £500, and my bijou lounge instantly doubled in size. I'm not sure I've seen one this size since then, and it came back to Ireland with me and takes pride of place on our kitchen wall now.

Wedding ring

My first marriage came and went. Kenny proposed at the top of the Eiffel Tower in 1996, and I said, 'Yes, but let's just wait a while.' We married in 2006 in New York City Hall with a blessing around the John Lennon 'Imagine' circle in Central Park. We bought the wedding ring together the day before in Manhattan for $200 and it's very important to me. I'm so glad I took that second chance.

Guitar lessons

I paid for piano and guitar lessons for my daughter Rebecca Roberts from the age of eight. She has very successfully travelled the world playing and singing for 15 years, so I didn't waste my money (lessons, €28ph, DublinGuitar).

Chinese table

About ten years ago, I was asked to sing in Beijing, China. Kenny and I were both drawn to a lovely table with six small stools, and we 'bargained' them down to what we thought was a great deal of €1,000. They took four months to arrive here and another two for Customs to decide how much duty we should pay. After parting with another €1,000, we finally received our table. I've no idea whether it's the only one of it's kind in the country, but after all the expense and hassle, I certainly hope so.

How to get Rebecca's favourite things on a smaller budget

Marilyn and Rebecca love Chanel No. 5, but late Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor created White Diamonds (€24.25 sale price for 100ml EDT, in 1991 and made a fortune. After being married eight times, we reckon the beautiful Dame probably knew a thing or two about diamonds.

Mirror, mirror on the wall... Some of us operate on the principle that the less of us we see gazing back the better, so a giant mirror may be too much for our ugly mugs to cope with. We're sure to be the fairest of them all with this Ascot Glitter Round Mirror (€24.99, HomeStore though.

Now we wouldn't like to upset our lovely Rebecca, but we spied this fabulous red and black Chinese bedside cabinet for only €230.55 from, plus an Oriental rug for €35.06 and ceiling lantern for €121.83. Are we rubbing salt into the wound by saying they also offer free delivery around Ireland?

In fairness, Rebecca and Kenny got a good deal with their Manhattan wedding ring, but who could beat this 9ct gold diamond cut and satin twist wedding ring (€55.49, for an elegant twist on the classic wedding band?

Catch Rebecca Storm's 'My Life In Music, Songs & Secrets' this Saturday at the National Concert Hall, Dublin, and Sunday at the Cork Opera House.

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