Thursday 18 January 2018

How a light user still managed to save €20 a month

We're all different in terms of how we use our phones
We're all different in terms of how we use our phones

We're all different in terms of how we use our phones, so the key is to study your most recent bills to figure out your average spread of use across calls, texts and data.

I'm very much a light user, mainly because I work from home. I use my landline for calls and wi-fi for data whenever possible, but could I still find worthwhile savings?

My average monthly bill seems to be about €35-40 a month, although I have a lot of free minutes that I don't use and a large data allowance 'add-on' of 3GB that is probably too much given that I average somewhere between 500mb and 1GB per month in data usage.

Using the 'mobile calculator' on the website allows you to enter in the number of minutes, texts and data you use on a daily or a monthly basis. After a rough stab at estimating my usage based on a quick look at my bills, it seems that I would be better off going for any number of pre-paid packages from Three, Vodafone or Postfone that require a minimum €20 a month top-up.

The Killbiller app, on the other hand, analyses the call, SMS and mobile data logs stored directly on your phone or, if you have an iPhone, asks for your account login details and examines your bill online.

It then crunches your numbers - call duration, number of texts you send, how much data you use and also the networks you call the most - and then lists the best deals in order of price, from cheapest to the most expensive, but also gives you the estimated total monthly cost on that plan based on your usage data.

According to the app, it agrees with with in that I could cut my bill in half if I was prepared to switch to a pre-pay tariff like Three's €10 top-up with an extra 500Gb in data allowance, costing me an average of €18.75 a month, or the €20 top-up prepay plans from either Three or Post Mobile or Meteor.

All were good choices, but I found the cheapest bill pay option cost even less; Meteor's Lite 30-day came in at €17 a month - but only if I was happy not to be on a 4G network.

Otherwise, the cheapest would be Meteor's Regular 30-day at €27 a month (€25 minimum), which would still save me of at least €10 a month.

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