Sunday 25 March 2018

Case Study: 'My processor keeps me eating healthily'

Bronagh Keys, who lives in Arduan Galway, with her beloved food processor.
Bronagh Keys, who lives in Arduan Galway, with her beloved food processor.

Bronagh Keys, from Ardaun, Co Galway has had her Kenwood processor for the best part of 10 years. She spent approximately €100 on it and considers it one of the best investments she's ever made for her kitchen.

"I was so tired of chopping every vegetable to just try to make something. I'm lazy at the end of the day and as soon as I got this, I was making vegetarian stews, lasagnes, casseroles, soups, you name it," she says. "When it comes to working, it's a Godsend. Between that and the slow cooker, I get to have proper meals. Otherwise, I'm the person who says, 'Is there a packet of Tayto, is there a piece of chocolate? That will do me'. I'm just too tired."

She uses her processor two to three times a week, to prepare veg in bulk. I'll get my onions and cucumbers and everything I can use as sandwich fillers and finely chop them, put them in containers in the fridge and know I can use them for the next couple of days in salads and sandwiches," she explains.

"Then I'll get loads of veg - carrots, parsnips, everything - and just throw them through it and then take from it as I want. Then at weekends, if I want to do something different, I'm happy to put it through every little blade that comes with it."

The best thing about her processor for Bronagh is that it keeps her on a healthy eating track. "If you gave me the chopping board, not only is there a mess with all the peeling, but I would have given up half-way through," she says. "The processor keeps me eating healthily and I think it's something that should be in every household if you want to be able to eat well but you're busy and you're tired. Realistically it does help."

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