Sunday 21 January 2018

Case Study: 'I put my glasses in the bin - it was a great satisfaction'

Aoife Ferris, who had laser eye surgery last May
Aoife Ferris, who had laser eye surgery last May

"I was a divil with them," says Aoife Ferris of her contact lenses. "I wore them far too long and would peel them off my eyes at the end of the day". But even though friends, and even her husband, had successful laser surgery, the 31-year-old Meteor worker couldn't bear the thought of it.

"I wore glasses from the age of 12 but was really dependent on them by 16. I was terrified of something going wrong or an infection after surgery; I thought I wouldn't be able to wear contacts again and it was so invasive."

But she bravely went ahead in May last year, choosing the Wellington Eye Clinic and in so doing, became their 50,000th laser eye surgery patient. "It's changed my whole life", she says now, "it sounds dramatic, but it's true. My eyes are no longer tired or dry. It's easier in the office where I look at a screen for hours, going to the gym, walks - I no longer have to think about it".

The cost was a significant factor, however, "It's a big expense, I know, but compared to the years of ordering lenses, in the long run it paid off. I also had health insurance which covered some of it."

What did she do with her glasses? "I put them in the bin! It was a great satisfaction. I should have done it years ago".

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