Friday 15 November 2019

Canine costumes: the new trend

Vicki Notaro on the new trend for our furry friends

Yoda,, €26.99
Yoda,, €26.99
Hot dog,, €24.99–€27.99 Yoda,, €26.99 depending on size
Jockey,, €24.99–€27.99 depending on size
Animal Planet Raptor Dog,, €32.99
Home Store & More have a small range at bargain prices. Choose from a devil (pictures), witch or ghost for only €10.

Canine costumes are a relatively new trend in Ireland, and perhaps considered by some to be a foolish expense. However, some people get as much of a kick out of seeing their furry friends kitted out as they do kids, and while you may not be taking your dog trick or treating, if your pooch doesn’t mind getting dressed up then it’s all in good fun.

The internet is the easiest place to shop for a dog costume but as many are imported from all over the world (and are almost frighteningly elaborate), you can expect to pay more online. However, when you weigh up the convenience and the wide scope of hilarious outfits, you might decide it’s worth it.

“Nowadays dogs are more than ever an important member of the family, and in many instances a best friend. Some dogs are used to wearing clothes and absolutely love wearing costumes because of the added attention it gets them,” says Ronan O’Brien of

“Our pet section is a really popular area in our website and we ship them across the world to our customers who love dressing up their whole family at Hallowe’en. We see a lot of very cute family themes, usually instigated by the children. For example the boy will dress up as Darth Vader for Hallowe’en and the parents will be Storm Troopers, the sister Princess Leia and the family dog as Yoda!”

The Yoda costume ain’t cheap at €26.99, but it is absolutely hilarious and with the new Star Wars movie due out before Christmas, bound to be a popular choice this year.

Another Irish site,, have a range of costumes from pumpkin to shark to bride and groom. Prices vary according to size, but are generally €20-35. If you don’t want to go the whole hog, a spooky jumper ranges from about €10-15.

If you’d prefer to see the canine costumes in real life before you buy, Home Store & More have a small range at bargain prices. Choose from a devil, witch or ghost for only €10.

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