Saturday 17 March 2018

Budget sweets and terrific treats

Lidl's Voodoo Beads.
Lidl's Voodoo Beads.
Marks & Spencer's Terrifying Treat Pumpkin.

Gone are the days of "help the Hallowe'en party", where children might have been called upon to sing a tune or do a party-piece to get their neighbours to part with a coin (or a treat) for later on in the evening.

Nowadays children simply knock on the door and recite "trick or treat", then hold out their loot bags expectantly in the hopes that they receive something nice.

Ideally handfuls of monkey-nuts should be ruled out for fear that any visitor might have a nut allergy, and unwrapped food is normally discarded by the time the treat bags make it home. That leaves wrapped treats, which if you live in a busy area, can make the cost of dispensing said treats the most expensive part of Hallowe'en.

Never fear though, we've taken a look at the bags of sweets on offer and have some options for you on a budget.

Lidl have plenty of themed treat options including "Voodoo Beads", and "Body Parts", both priced at €1.29 a packet which each contain a minimum of six individually wrapped treats.

The treats themselves are small enough that you will feel you're not overloading the neighbour's kids with sugar, but are also novelty items that will catch the imagination. On sale from Monday October 12, for more information see

If you're on a budget, and aren't fussed about whether your treats are Hallowe'en themed or not, then Tesco is the place to go. A multi-pack of "wild and whippy" bars costs just €1.09 for 16, which means that each bar costs just under 7c. A 14-pack of "crazy caramel" bars will set you back €1.29 which is still less than 10c per bar. On sale in Tesco stores nationwide, and online at

For an unusual take on jellies, Marks & Spencer have some "Scary Stretch Em Jellies" priced at €1.49 for six. While they're not the cheapest jelly offering on the market, what's unusual about these jellies is that they come on a serrated card so that they can be separated out for individual use.

The vomiting "terrifying treat pumpkin" is sure to be popular with children and adults alike. It is the more expensive end of the Hallowe'en treat market but the open mouth with jellies pouring out is sure to spark a conversation. You'll find more information on

Back to budget options, and Aldi have multi-packs of Swizzels Magic Treats for €1.29 per pack which have a very retro vibe, and include Love Hearts, Drumsticks, Refreshers, and Parma Violets. You may not want to share them! For more visit

If you're on a splurge then Aunty Nellie's Hallowe'en Hamper might be just the thing to buy and keep for yourself or give as a generous gift. Full of seasonal sweets, and with a selection of American "candy" it's priced at €30 excluding delivery. For more information visit or visit one of their stores nationwide.

Caitriona Redmond


Budget sweets

and terrific treats

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