Friday 15 December 2017

Case Study: 'We're fighting over who gets to use it'

Karen Hoyne with her Dyson vacuum cleaner. Photograph: Damien Eagers
Karen Hoyne with her Dyson vacuum cleaner. Photograph: Damien Eagers

Karen Hoyne has been longing to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner for the last few years but her old hoover, a trusty Nilfisk, refused to break down. When she and her husband recently downsized from their house in Kildare to an apartment in Kingswood, Dublin 22, Karen immediately invested in a cordless Dyson.

"I loved my old hoover. It was really good and it lasted forever, but it was so heavy to lug up and down the stairs," she says. "Ever since I heard about these cordless vacuums, I've been dying to get one."

Karen wasn't disappointed with her choice - a Dyson DC44 Animal, which cost €349.

"They're not cheap, but they're worth it," she says. "I'm a neat freak and I've always enjoyed hoovering, but now it's not even a chore anymore. The cordless vacuum is so dainty. Whoever is passing just picks it up and hoovers up a few crumbs. The floor is constantly clean."

Despite this, Karen can't imagine using a cordless vacuum cleaner in her former six-bedroom house.

"If I had a house I wouldn't be getting one, unless I was keeping the main hoover upstairs and the cordless downstairs," she says. "The battery power is a bit limited on a cordless. If you need to use it on max you only get eight minutes."

But she's pleased with how powerful her Dyson is at picking up dust.

"It's made my life so easy. In fact, we're fighting over who gets to use it."

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