Wednesday 17 January 2018

CASE STUDY: Mary Scanlon has no intention of retiring

"I am more active than my children. I am 61, but I act more like a 16-year-old," she says.

An auctioneer and financial broker with a business based in Rathkeale, Co Limerick, she reckons her serious illness policy from Aviva is the most valuable product she and her husband, Micheal, have.

The policy proved its worth when Mr Scanlon was diagnosed with bowel cancer a few years ago.

It paid an income, and the couple have the add-on of Best Doctors, which offers a worldwide network of medical professionals when a second opinion is needed.

The Scanlons also highly value their health insurance.

"I would never give up my health insurance. I would go without supper before I would give up health insurance. It is a most important thing at our stage of life," she says.

But the couple are dreading when their health cover is due for renewal next July. The capping of the tax reliefs on health insurance policies is set to force up the cost of the cover.

"I will have to change policies. I always tell the insurer I need something as good, but cheaper. I save hundreds of euro doing that every year," she says.

The couple, who live in a Co Limerick village near Rathkeale, have had many different ways of earning a living.

Mr Scanlon worked with the ESB, before retiring early to farm full-time. The farm is now run by the couple's son. Ms Scanlon had a pub up to 22 years ago, before going into insurance.

The couple regard their life insurance from Aviva as important, but admit they have not put much in a private pension.

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