Saturday 17 November 2018

Builders woo house buyers with 'golden hello' fit-outs valued at €22k

If you recently bought a property in The Coast in north Dublin, you might want to look away now. Or read on and scream.

In what must rank as the ultimate sweetener from an Irish builder, buyers are being offered "fit-outs" worth between €8,500 and €22,000 to pay for everything including blinds, floors, sofas, TVs, chairs and bathroom accessories.

The "golden hello" packages for the next phase of properties in the Baldoyle scheme mean buyers will not have to pay a single cent for the contents of their new homes.

The size of the package dwarves the now defunct government first-time buyer's grant which was worth €3,810 and designed to help struggling homeowners pay for essential items.

In a sluggish market, some developers have already offered free childcare and even cars, but experts say the latest deals will significantly up the ante in the war for home buyers.

Under the full fit-out scheme, Menolly Homes will engage Clery's department store to kit out the properties.

Buyers will be able to dictate every detail -- down to the type of coffee table and window blinds they want -- with Clery's sending the invoice directly to Menolly.

Owners of a one-bed apartment in The Coast will qualify for a Clery's fit-out worth €8,500, while owners of a new four-bed townhouse will have €22,000 to spend on the fixtures and fittings of their choice.

Inevitably, there was disappointment and not a little envy yesterday from those who only recently bought in The Coast.

"I'm up to my eyes in debt after paying for all this stuff," said one buyer. "Now I've got to watch as all these people move in with all their free furniture. I feel like a total sucker."

Yvonne Ennis of Sherry Fitzgerald, which is selling The Coast development, acknowledged that the incentives were designed to boost a slow market.

"Buyers expect more these days and I wouldn't be surprised if other builders follow suit."

Declan King, sales and marketing manager of Menolly Homes said: "The beauty of this package is that people can spend the money on whatever they fancy. If people want to blow €5,000 on a 50-inch plasma TV, be our guests.

"This idea is designed to encourage people to move who may have been nervous about buying property before."

Menolly is currently working to rectify faults in about 200 homes built in phase one of The Coast.

The homes were affected by the mineral Pyrite which causes floors to swell.

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