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Best buys: pressure washers


Karcher K2 Compact

Karcher K2 Compact

Karcher K2 Compact

Karcher K2 Compact €90

As one of the largest manufacturers of cleaning equipment, there's no surprise we've got two Karcher products from its vast range of pressure washers.

Its K2 Compact is one of the cheapest, smallest and lightest pressure washers on the market taking up little room in the shed or under the stairs.

It weighs just 4.7kg, excluding accessories which include a 4m high-pressure hose and trigger gun, a spray lance for cars and decking and a rotary dirt blaster.

On the plus side it is easy to use. However users complained that it didn't clean dirty surfaces very thoroughly, and was extremely slow at cleaning concrete, paving, decking and walls. A patio-cleaner attachment is available as an added extra and is said to make the job much easier and quicker.

Elsewhere it is said to leave moss and weeds growing in the joints of paving.

Brush attachments for car cleaning and detergent bottles can also be bought as optional extras.

NILFISK C120.6-6 PCAD X-TRA €140

WHILE not exactly cheap, this pressure washer comes with a lot more extras than the K2, including a patio-cleaner attachment and a brush and detergent-bottle attachment for tackling your car.

It is still quite light to carry at 6.7kg, excluding accessories, and is easy and comfortable to use.

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It cleans most surfaces well including concrete, paving, walls and decking which was done well by using the lance which has a variable spray jet nozzle. The patio cleaner works even more quickly – and less messy – on some of these areas.

But users found it often left moss between paving blocks and slabs. It was also not great at cleaning alloy wheels, even when using the brush attachment.

Winding the hose was also a bit tricky and nozzles can be awkward to fit and release.

Other Nilfisk models – including the C120.6-6 PC X-TRA and C120.6-6 PCA X-TRA – are said to be as good and usually cheaper as they have less extras.


THIS pressure washer has a more powerful motor than cheaper Karcher products and also comes with several add-ons.

Despite being larger and heavier than other models on the market – 13kg excluding accessories– it has wheels and it still relatively easy to carry and use.

A patio-cleaner attachment is included for cleaning decking and paving more easily and quickly than the lance, which is more thorough.

If you want to use it to clean your car, its bottled detergents fit into place easily – but brush attachments for car cleaning need to be purchased as an optional extra. If you just want a pressure washer for cleaning the car, opt for a cheaper model.

The K4 Home – as opposed to the K4 Compact which is also available – obviously takes up more room in the shed and its 6m hose and cable can be tricky to keep tidy because it has no hooks. On the plus side this powerful washer cleans all surfaces well using just the lance.

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