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Saturday 18 November 2017

Best buy - Electric shavers for men

Philips PowerTouch PT720 €55

The Philips PowerTouch PT720 electric shaver is one of the lower end shavers that is part of Philips' popular "Power Touch" range. While it is very much a cheaper model and is limited on features, it does the basics well.

The shave is as close as you will get for the money, but the device lacks useful add ons such as a beard trimmer.

Buying this means you will also have to go without features such as self clean and a detailed battery indicator -- the battery only shows "full" and "low" with nothing in between.

The battery takes seven hours to charge and gives you one hour's use when fully charged. That works out at around 14 shaves for most people.

The shaver feels good in the hand though, and has the solid build most users will like.

While it may not replace the wet shave most men prefer, it is the type of shaver that will slot well into your desk drawer at the office, or the glove compartment in the car.


This was the most expensive shaver we tested, and while it is very, very, pricey, it is also one of the most impressive. The Remington's biggest advantage is its battery, which lasts around 10 hours -- long enough for 20 thorough shaves.

The device also has an LCD display showing the remaining battery time. Even when the low battery warning comes up, you should still have plenty of time to get your grooming done. The Remington has a "quick charge" but be warned -- that will barely be enough to give you one decent shave.

The shave is close, and the sideburn trimmer is easily used. Cleaning is also very handy, and can be done by simply running it under a tap.

The big drawback for this shaver is its price. While it is not he most expensive one going, at €175 you will need to use it an awful lot before you start to make a saving on wet razors. Even if you just prefer an electric shaver, there are probably alternatives that can do an adequate job at half the price.


The Braun Series 3 comes in many forms: wet or dry, high powered and low powered. The 380 is at the top end of the range.

As the name would imply, this can be used for either wet or dry shaving, so whether you prefer shaving in the shower or the car, then this should do the job.

On paper, this shaver looks the part. It is powerful, versatile, and comes with a simple cleaning system. Battery life is good and the charging time is short. Unfortunately it falls down on its fundamental requirement: the shave is just not close enough. Despite the price, for us this shaver was adequate mainly for giving a "top up" before heading into that important meeting. In our tests it was not close enough for first thing in the morning. It has the performance of a shaver that is stored in an office drawer, but that is not good enough for nearly €100.

Braun's products are generally excellent, so we were surprised at the Series 3's weakness. Considering the substantial price, this shaver is best avoided.

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