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AIB mobile and internet banking outage hits customers


AIB's mobile app and internet banking were not working for some customers.

AIB's mobile app and internet banking were not working for some customers.

AIB's mobile app and internet banking were not working for some customers.

CUSTOMERS of AIB have been left frustrated after the bank’s mobile banking app failed this morning.

Large numbers of the bank’s customers took to social media to complain about being unable to access the app, transfer money and put direct debits in place.

AIB said: “Some customers are currently experiencing intermittent technical issues with our mobile app and internet banking.

“We are working to resolve these issues as soon as possible and apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

The bank insisted that not all its customers were impacted.

But those hit by the technical problems were annoyed.

One customer posted on Twitter: “AIB, is there a problem with the AIB mobile banking app? Been trying to log in all morning to pay a direct debit but it won't let me log in. Said I need to re-register my device and when I try do so the page fails to load every time. Any ideas?”

A customer said they had been waiting to be paid for five weeks, and when they got paid today the banking app was not working, which meant the person could not access their money.

Another customer posted: “I was buying tickets to see Madonna and the useless AIB app won’t work, so now I lost the tickets. It has been dodgy all week. I’ve complained before to literally no useful response. Absolutely fuming AIB Ireland.”

It comes after Permanent TSB acknowledged it had problems with its desktop and mobile banking services earlier this week.

Permanent TSB said on Thursday: “We experienced intermittent technical issues with our Open 24 desktop and mobile app services this morning.

“The issue was immediately detected and resolved within an hour. We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused.”

Central Bank of Ireland regulators have repeatedly warned banks and payment institutions to ensure they have robust safeguarding arrangements in place to deal with IT outages and demonstrate that consumer funds are properly managed and protected.

The latest IT outages come days after customers of online bank Revolut were told they are to get Irish bank identification numbers in a move that will make it easier for people in this country to conduct their day-to-day banking through the money app.

The move to replace Revolut’s Lithuanian IBANs (international bank account numbers) with Irish ones is set to pile on even more pressure on mainstream banks here.

Payments provider Revolut claims to have around two million Irish customers. The move comes after it set up an Irish branch of its European business, Revolut Bank UAB.

Customers in Ireland will begin to receive an email from Revolut this week, explaining the changes.

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