Friday 27 April 2018

Bank of Ireland says all customers have now been paid

Bank of Ireland is set to increase it's cheque fees
Bank of Ireland is set to increase it's cheque fees
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

BANK OF IRELAND has said that the issue which affected some payments to customers has been rectified - and that all customers have now been paid.

Some customers experienced delays with payments this morning. Social welfare recipients were not affected by the issue.

The bank said no fees will be applied to customers who miss direct debit and standing order payments as a result of the delay.

"Bank of Ireland confirms that all customer accounts impacted by today’s delay in payments have been credited," it said in a statement at 8.30pm tonight.

"We again apologise sincerely for any inconvenience caused.

"We continue to communicate with customers across all our channels, our phone lines remain open until 12pm tonight (and 9am – 6pm over the weekend) and our Twitter customer support is 24 hour."

Earlier today, the bank acknowledged that there was an issue in relation to payment delays for some customers. 

The number of customers affected has not been released, however, and bank customers have expressed discontent with the bank's management of the issue.

"There’s an arrogance here in my opinion, this kind of ‘we’ll tell you in case we let anything out of the bag whatever’," one Kildare-based customer said.

"It’s only reasonable to tell the guy on the street look your money won’t be there today you may make alternative arrangements."

Earlier, the bank stated that those affected could contact an advisor through "a number of channels" including by phone, email, social media and via a live chat forum.

 However, customers reported that the lack of communication and delayed resolution by the bank is "driving people around the bend".

 "If you go the 365 route and send them an e-mail I think you get a reply there that says we’ll be back to you in 72 hours," one Kildare-based customer told

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 "That’s how ridiculous the whole thing has got by way of communication with the banks, you can’t even ring your local branch anymore, you go to a call centre."

 The bank's official Twitter account @talktoBOI has also proved unsatisfactory for many who believed they were heading into the Hallowe'en weekend without wages.

 "It's simply saying as soon as we have an update we’ll tweet here and I feel from having spoken to other people they’re just driving people around the bend because they haven’t given any indication of the scale the time the whole lot," said the customer.

 "It’s a Friday, people are wondering what’s going to be the state of play at the end of the day".

 As business hours ended at 5pm, some of those affected expressed their panic at "surviving the weekend" without their wages.

 "Will money be in my acc today or not... some people can't survive the weekend without wages," Aisling Hill tweeted.

 Ronan Dockery added shortly before 6pm this evening: "Surely this is solved by now? I expect some sort of compensation for not providing your most basic service!!"

 Bank of Ireland experienced a similar delay in relation to social welfare payments in April of this year.

 It is understood that customers will not receive additional charges for missed direct debits from their accounts as a result of the payments issue. 

A spokesperson for the bank has apologised "for any inconvenience caused today".

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