Monday 18 November 2019

Bank loans

BoI's Richie Boucher, AIB's David Duffy or other bankers as "Kevin the Teenager"? Surely not. The Financial Regulator's head of banking supervision last week described the banks as behaving like "teenagers" when it came to dealing with the problem of people with banjaxed mortgages. At least the banks are really competitive and helpful when it comes to giving out loans. Er... not. For someone borrowing €6,000 over a year.

Best: NIB (fixed) €346.08

Avoid: Bank of Ireland (variable) €430.75

Saving: €84.76 per year

Contact or local branches

Car insurance

Women will pay more for car insurance thanks to those complete lunatics in Brussels. The same gravy-drenched eurocrats who tried to outlaw bendy bananas and Cornish pasties are now sticking their oar into the car insurance market. Just what the world needs ... more price increases. Cover for a 45-year-old woman driver from Kingscourt, Co Cavan, with a €30,000-valued Audi A4 and a spotless record. Excess €300.

Best: €407.21

Avoid: Aviva €555

Saving: €147.79 a year

Contact or 1890 30 20 20

Roadside assistance

Car rental firms are the spawn of the devil, but bringing your own car on holiday has its risks. If it breaks down in France, it might be cheaper to simply abandon it on the hard shoulder. Just torch it and run. On the other hand, roadside assistance charges can be reduced by different policies. An annual policy at is cheaper than a 10-day single-trip European travel policy from the AA.

Best: €84

Avoid: AA (single trip) €132

Saving: €48

Contact or 0818 44 44 48

Home insurance

It's mind-boggling how much more people pay for insurance if they go to one of the big-brand global companies. You pay extra for glossy marketing and corporate croissant-eating. Cover for a €600,000 home in Booterstown, Co Dublin, with €250,000 rebuild and 20 per cent contents. Usual locks and alarms, no accidental damage and a €300 excess, for a claim-free couple of 40-year-olds.

Best: Chrome Insurance €316

Avoid: Axa €568

Saving: €252 a year

Contact 1890 247 663 or visit

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