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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Bad driver cover

If Vin Diesel is your go to guy for driving style then you'll have a bit of a problem with insurance. Blowing up stuff and flying your car off ramps probably won't have a broker cold calling anytime soon. Really rubbish drivers get it with both barrels. Most insurers won't touch them with a bargepole and won't quote for people with poor records. Fully comp coverage for a 28-year-old male driver from Killarney, Co Kerry, with four points and a €1,500 claim paid out last year for bumping into another car. Driving a 2005 Opel Astra 1.4l Club.

Best: Quinn Direct €1,058

Avoid: FBD €1,191

Saving: €133 a year

Contact or 1890 89 1890

Mortgage protection

Giving a false name and address won't work with your bank. They'll want your loan paid off even if you die. Unless you're a property developer, in which case you can do what you please. A perfectly normal 35-year-old non-smoking non-property developing couple, looking for life cover of €250,000 over a term of 30 years, will pay through the nose for mortgage protection... unless they read this.

Best: Zurich Life €28.82 per month

Avoid: Canada Life €40.50 per month

Saving: €140.16 per year

Contact, Tel 1890 443 443

Home phone

Broadband be damned! When you have no need of Facebook, Twitter or the naked ladies, all you need is a telephone line for making telephone calls. Run your bill through to see the best deals. It's reasonably easy to change phone company. Not too much shouting or threatening letters involved. For someone making 150 minutes of local calls and another 150 minutes of mobile calls every month. As everyone is with Eircom, we've used its best deal... there are worse ones.

Best: UPC Home phone €45.64 per month

Avoid: Eircom Talktime Mobile €59.07

Saving: €161.16

Contact or 1890 940 070.

Personal income protection

Cover for a 44-year-old male taxi driver who smokes like a chimney looking for €15,000 joint income protection with a 26-week deferred period. With personal income protection there are lots and lots and lots of terms and conditions... so never read a policy document when you've had a few pints.

Best: First Credit Assurance €615.96 per year

Avoid: Friends First €661.92

Saving: €45.96

Contact or 01-6621640

Fixed rate deposit

You'd want to be bloody good at poker to leave your money locked away for a whole year. But all the doom merchants predicting armageddon could be wrong. A tough call. You'll get marginally better rates if you leave your money tucked away for a whole year. The difference in interest paid on €10,000 in the best one-year fixed-rate account and the interest paid on AIB Direct's 'reef it out in a hurry' account is just €80 over a year. Hardly worth the stress unless you have complete faith in Merkel and the clowns. On €10,000 over a year with quotes from

Best: EBS 4.25 per cent

Avoid: NIB 3 per cent

Saving: €125 over a year

Contact or local branches

Apartment contents cover

The actual building tends to be covered under your tenant's agreements, so most people will be ok if the apartment block goes down a sink hole. However, the contents still need to be insured. Cover of €50,000 for a 30-year-old woman living in a flat in Dublin's IFSC. No claims. Accidental damage. Excess €300.

Best: Chrome Insurance €133

Avoid: Zurich €488

Saving: €355 a year

Contact or 1890 247 663

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