Friday 18 October 2019

Alarm monitoring

How hard is it to monitor a house alarm? Do you really need the equivalent of Nasa Control to ring or text people when an alarm goes off?

Eircom Phonewatch monitoring is ridiculously expensive -- even with the current discount. It's €229.50 per year plus a €299 equipment installation charge. You're just paying for the brand. Don't be a sucker.

Best: Securigard €180

Avoid: Eircom Phonewatch €528.50 (including installation)

Saving: €348.50 in year one

'L' plate insurance

Grip the dashboard, close your eyes and pray. It's 'L' driver time. Cover for a 50-year-old woman from Rosslare with no points or claims, driving a €22k-valued 2007 Mondeo 2.0 with a spotty 18-year-old boy as named driver.

Best: Quinn Direct €1,556 per year

Avoid: Hibernian €2,785

Saving: €1,229 per year

Car loan

Be the only person in the country with an 09 car (apart from the politicians). Borrowing €30,000 over three years to buy a spanking new VW Golf.

Best: AIB €929.10 per month

Avoid: Halifax €937.57

Saving: €304.92 over term of loan

Natural gas

Flogas, the only rival to Bord Gais for home business, has slashed prices. There are some good savings for those who switch over, especially for a householder using a fairly average 30,000 Kwh thingiminies per year.

Best: Flogas Natural Gas €1,297.29 per year

Avoid: Bord Gais €1,523.40

Saving: €226

Switcher mortgage

There's a word to describe the nation's bankers. It may rhyme, but I just can't think of it. At least you can save a big wodge by switching your mortgage. You'd need to still have a bit of equity left in your house, though. For a €200,000 loan over 20 years on a house worth €600,000. With quotes from Simply Mortgages.

Two-year fixed

Best: ICS €1,084.33 per month

Avoid: Permo TSB €1,180

Saving: €1,148.04 per year

Five-year fixed

Best: AIB €1,197.26 per month

Avoid: NIB €1,348 per month

Saving: €1,808.88 per year


Best: AIB €1,035.62 per month

Avoid: Halifax €1,236

Saving: €2,404.56 per year

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