AIB confirms some customer deeds lost after contractor disposed of files

AIB chief executive Colin Hunt and chairman Jim Pettigrew at the AIB Group annual general meeting on Thursday. Photo: Shane O'Neill/Coalesce

AIB has confirmed that customer documents including property deeds were disposed of in an incident at its major Cork city branch at 66 South Mall.

Customers whose deeds were lost or destroyed have been contacted and the bank is understood to be in the process of having the paperwork reissued or recreated at its own expense.

The loss of the paperwork, which the bank said had been done in error by an outside contractor earlier this month, will not have any effect on mortgages related to the deeds.

The bank has confirmed the damage, which was reported earlier by the Irish Examiner, and the cases have been referred to the Data Protection Commission.

“Following some maintenance work at our 66 South Mall branch, a third party contractor inadvertently disposed of some documents. We have apologised to any impacted customers and are sourcing replacement documents for them free of charge.”

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