Friday 13 December 2019

Penneys plans for coffee: refresh, recharge, then get back to the shopping

Penney's new fashions
Penney's new fashions
Bairbre Power

Bairbre Power

The latest buzz words in retail are 'dwell time' -and fast fashion chain Penneys is exploring them... over a cup of coffee.

The Primark/ Penneys chain, which has 277 shops across nine EU countries, has been trialling in-store coffee shops in the UK, with two Costa outlets opening in Primark branches in Manchester and Bristol.

"The reaction to those two has been really positive," reports Primark CEO Paul Marchant.

"Customer feedback has been great - they tell us that it's a chance to recharge part-way through their shop.

"We have a bag check where they can leave their shopping in a cubby hole and go and have a coffee, refresh, recharge and then carry on shopping. It's definitely working from that perspective," he said.

The fashion chain is now looking at extending the trial - and Marchant doesn't rule out bringing it to Dublin where the Primark story first started back in 1969.

"We are looking at extending the coffee shop trial with stores in Chester and Newcastle, and from that we are going to make a decision as to whether we roll it out any further."

The Mary Street store would be a "potentially obvious candidate".

"There are plenty of coffee shops around, but it's more about entertaining customers when they are in the store and encouraging them to spend more time. Mary Street is the one that we'd consider. It's the large stores, where you need a couple of hours to shop the whole store," said Marchant.

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