Friday 6 December 2019

Online shopping by numbers

n By the end of 2014 Irish people will have spent €6bn online

n Consumer spending online is up 44% from Q1-2013 to Q1-2014

n Retail websites' revenue increased 51% from Q1-2013 to Q1-2014

n Online retail revenue is growing 170 times faster than traditional retail revenue

n In 2014 28% of online shoppers used their smart phone to make a transaction

n This year 80% of 18 to 34-year-olds used a tablet or smart phone to buy online

n 60% or €3.5bn of our online spend goes to foreign economies

n In 2014 clothing, music and event tickets were the most common smart phone buys

n In Ireland there are 1,709,995 internet subscriptions

n An Post delivered 3.5m packages and parcels daily in November

n The internet economy makes up 5% of Ireland's GDP

n By 2020 our digital economy will be worth €21bn

n Online consumer spending will make up 60% or €13bn of this €21bn figure in 2020

Sunday Independent

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