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It's a little-known fact that Facebook has a huge influence on ranking a website through Google searches.

A recent study by Searchmetrics shows four out of the top five influencers in having a site ranked by Google are Facebook related. (They are: 1. Facebook Shares; 2. Number of Backlinks (not directly Facebook related); 3. Facebook Total; 4. Facebook Comments; and 5. Facebook Likes)

What does this mean for your business?

Quite simply, it means you must get your business on Facebook as soon as possible to avoid paying expensive monthly search engine optimisation fees for your website.

Next, get ownership of your company's Facebook page name as quickly as possible, (www.facebook.com/yourcompanyname) through getting 25 likes of your business Facebook page from friends.

Start to share interesting posts on your Facebook page such as funny pictures or interesting puzzles or images that will encourage people to share, like and comment on your posts. The posts don't have to be related to your business but make sure that they are attractive. Once you do this, your page will begin to grow automatically, plus you can use Facebook ads to increase your page views.

Paul O'Mahony is the cofounder of Social Media Frontiers. Follow him at twitter.com/paulatsmf or at facebook.com/SocialMedia-Frontiers

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