Monday 27 January 2020

Tesco ads nod to kind hosts

Tesco’s Christmas campaign launches this week
Tesco’s Christmas campaign launches this week

With just 56 days until the big day, Tesco is the first retailer out of the trap with its Christmas advertising campaign, called Here's to the Hosts.

The cross-platform campaign is the biggest in the supermarket's history and will launch on Tuesday. It has been created by the Dublin-based agency Rothco and will feature people from all over the country thanking their hosts for the hospitality shown to them at Christmas.

The ads have been directed by award-winning documentary-maker Ken Wardrop, who will shoot 35 versions - each one featuring a different person reading out a thank-you letter that they have written to their host, many of whom are unaware of what is happening.

The campaign will run on TV, outdoor, radio, social, digital and, of course, in store.

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