Tuesday 28 January 2020

Redefining breaking news - the power of social media

Digital experts from Core Media share their knowledge with independent.ie

The power of social media is having the biggest impact in the news space, experts in the field have warned.

Matt Mooney said all media agencies have to chase the conversation on-line in a bid to keep up with the fast evolving space.

The client director at Radical, part of Core Media, Ireland’s largest media communication group, said the difficulty is keeping up with the pace the audience is consuming information.

“The reality is we are all chasing the consumer... they will be the first person to change how we consume media. We will be chasing them,” he told Independent.ie.

Omega Goodwin (l), Lilya Abdelkader (m), and Matt Mooney (r)

Omega Goodwin (l), Digital sales specialist at independent.ie, Lilya Abdelkader (m), and Matt Mooney (r)

“That will be the big thing for the [Irish] Independent, to be able to provide a service their consumer wants rather than providing a service you think they want or think that they need.

“Social media is probably the biggest impact in the news media space.”

Omega Goodwin, Radical’s integrated content manager, said clients often ask about measuring the success social media has.

“It links potential consumers with a brand,” he said adding how relationships are being built as information goes from Facebook to your mobile phone.

Mr Mooney said with it is “very difficult” for media groups to break news stories with people on social media.

“Breaking news is kind of gone, the challenge is how do you redefine breaking news,” he said.

“It’s no longer actually breaking the story, it’s following the conversation and helping people to follow the conversation in their own real-time.”

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