Sunday 19 January 2020

Neymar boost for 'Operation Transformation' Irish company

Barcelona footballer Neymar. Photo: Reuters
Barcelona footballer Neymar. Photo: Reuters

Gordon Deegan

Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar has contributed to the global success of the Dublin production firm behind 'Operation Transformation'.

This follows the Barcelona player's appearance on Vision Independent Productions' show, 'Superstar Ding Dong', in Brazil. The firm has sold the show to the China's largest TV channel and it has audience figures or around 30 million every Sunday.

'Operation Transformation' is its big ratings winner here with an average of 424,300 viewers tuning in to its 10th series earlier this year. New accounts show that the company's accumulated profits last fell by €80,223 to €346,869 while its cash pile reduced from €345,375 to €270,867 in the 12 months to the end of September last.

Managing director Philip Kampff said that the drop in accumulated profits is due to the firm investing further into its Twin Strangers website and digital over the past year. The website allows people view their doubles or 'doppelgangers' from a 3.2m-strong database. He said the site has facial recognition software that searches one million faces for the user in 10 seconds. He said: "There is an insatiable appetite by users to see who looks like them."

He said Twin Stranger "is becoming a revenue generator for the firm". Mr Kampff said the company is having a busy year. Other productions include 'The Restaurant' and 'Daniel and Majella's B&B Road Trip'. Staff costs last year fell from €306,405 to €275,414.

Mr Kampff said it is becoming more difficult to get new shows commissioned: "TV tends to be risk averse and it is very, very difficult to crack a new show." He added that the new celebrity edition of 'Operation Transformation' will run for four episodes.

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