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Marketing people: Monika Ghita CMO, Gamma & Autoaddress



Monika Ghita, CMO, Gamma & Autoaddress

Monika Ghita, CMO, Gamma & Autoaddress

Monika Ghita, CMO, Gamma & Autoaddress

Helping clients make more informed decisions through the use of location intelligence (LI) and data sits at the core of the Dublin-based company Gamma’s product offering.

Meanwhile, its sister company, Autoaddress, was part of the consortium that developed the Eircode system. Between them, they employ 30 staff in an industry that is benefiting from the growth in data-based solutions, as Monika Ghita, chief marketing officer, explains to John McGee.

Describe your role within the business

I am responsible for leading both companies’ marketing strategies and enabling them to achieve ambitious growth targets. The entire team is working to ensure that Gamma becomes an internationally-recognised provider of cloud-hosted LI solutions. This means continuously innovating and expanding into new markets while still delivering high-quality customer service.

My primary aim is to support company growth and success by communicating how our solutions can help multinational organisations make better-informed decisions, lower investment risk and reduce operational costs.

What marketing challenges do you face?

Probably the biggest marketing challenge in our space relates to the perceived complexity of our product offering. A lot of people don’t realise the value or potential of LI solutions and it’s up to me to communicate this. They are user-friendly, highly-adaptable cloud-based business intelligence tools that can provide extremely useful insights for a wide range of organisations, from insurance companies to local authorities to retailers. For example, our retail software, Storecast, alerts the user to risks arising from changes in the demographic and competitive profile of the country. It also spots the best opportunities for expansion using demographics and store locations that are updated in real time.

Secondly, our portfolio of offerings is broad. Our solutions are used in every industry where location is a mission-critical criterion. We can also customise our products to suit clients’ requirements.

As a result, it can be difficult to communicate the depth of our product portfolio in a simple and consistent fashion which generates widespread recognition of our company brand.

How do you overcome these challenges?

We  overcome these challenges by focusing on specific verticals. Even though we provide services across all the various industries, we have developed three flagship products which we actively promote: Storecast, Perilfinder and Autoaddress. This allows us to hone in on and communicate more effectively with our target sectors.

We also listen to our customers; helping them to combat new challenges and avail of new developments in the industry. Our goal is to make sure each client is 100pc.

As a result, we invest a lot of time innovating and evolving our solutions in line with emerging technologies.

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