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Mark Little announces he is to leave Storyful five years after founding it


Mark Little, Founder and CEO of Storyful. Photo: Tom Burke

Mark Little, Founder and CEO of Storyful. Photo: Tom Burke

Mark Little, Founder and CEO of Storyful. Photo: Tom Burke

FORMER RTE journalist Mark Little has announced he will be leaving Storyful, the company he founded just over five years ago.

The journalist left a high profile job as presenter of RTE’s flagship current affairs show Prime Time to start the business at the height of the economic collapse.

He sold the company to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp last year for €18m.

Mr Little founded the company to provide verification and licencing services for social media content.

On a blog post posted to the company’s website today, he said:

“I have decided to leave Storyful, the company I founded a little over five years ago. It’s not an easy decision but it’s a good one. And most importantly, it’s my decision alone.

“Storyful was an unlikely story from the beginning. I founded the company because I wanted to prove that the eternal values of quality journalism mattered more than ever in the age of social media. And I was determined to prove that the very best journalism is still a great business model.

“It was a naïve idea. But Storyful made naïvete work. Our early journey was exhilarating, exhausting, relentless and sometimes dispiriting. When we first pitched our product, I could see the eyes of some potential clients glaze over as they struggled to understand our relevance. So the global success of our company is the sweetest feeling.”

He compared leaving the company to a parent seeing their ‘little baby is all growed up’.

The journalist said he doesn’t yet know what his next venture will be.

“No matter where I go, my proudest professional boast will be that I built the team that built Storyful, an idea that has grown so much bigger than any one person”, he concluded.

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