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Irish Independent: We're the No1 newspaper


The Irish Independent remains Ireland's biggest selling quality daily newspaper, and increasing numbers of readers are turning to the newspaper in print and online, new figures show.

The latest ABC audit of newspaper sales show our share of the quality newspaper market is now close to 50pc, rising 0.4pc to 49.6pc.

Overall, the Irish Independent's sales for the period July to December 2013 stand at 117,361, compared to sales of 82,059 for the 'Irish Times' and 37,009 for the 'Irish Examiner'.

Separately, new readership figures, which incorporate online readership, show how the Irish Independent has once again secured its position as the best-read daily newspaper.

During 2013, the Irish Independent increased its readership in print and online by 2.6pc to 666,000 -- up 17,000 from 649,000 in the previous comparable period.

The Irish Independent now reaches 52,000 more readers than its two closest rivals combined: the 'Irish Times', which has 385,000 readers and the 'Irish Examiner', which has 229,000.

Thanks to you, our loyal readers, the Irish Independent's blend of cutting edge news, comment, sport and business remains uniquely popular with readers from all background and age groups -- and in all parts of the country.

The Joint National Readership Survey (JNRS) figures also show the Irish Independent is the number one newspaper in the daily market across all key audience sectors with 371,000 ABC1 readers.

It is the number one daily newspaper for main shoppers in Ireland reaching 387,000 shopping decision makers daily.

Our supplements and magazines remain ahead of their rivals. Farming -- published every Tuesday -- has grown its readership strongly and is now read by 216,000 adults nationwide.

Our portfolio of magazines equally stands unrivalled with all magazines contained within the JNRS also recording an increase in readership.

"It is the Irish Independent's commitment to helping our readers stay informed with the very best quality journalism that keeps us as Ireland's number one daily title," said Irish Independent Editor Claire Grady.

"We will continue that commitment to provide the kind of news and incisive comment our discerning readers deserve."

All of Independent News and Media's titles have performed strongly this year. The 'Sunday Independent' had an average circulation of 229,382, while 'The Herald' had a circulation of 56,119.

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