Monday 23 July 2018

INM titles continue to dominate Irish newspaper sales figures

Thanks to you, the Irish Independent remains the leader. The latest newspaper sales figures confirm the Irish Independent remains Ireland's biggest-selling daily newspapers.

ABC figures show Independent News and Media titles dominate the Irish newspaper market, with more than one million newspapers sold every week across the Irish Independent and its sister titles.

The audited figures show the Irish Independent, 'Sunday Independent' and 'Sunday World' all top their market sectors. These three titles lead the way in the Irish newspaper market in the quality daily, quality Sunday and popular Sunday areas.

According to ABC figures from July to December 2017, the Irish Independent leads the quality daily newspaper market, accounting for 50.4pc of all sales, more than 'The Irish Times' and 'Irish Examiner' combined.

Likewise, the 'Sunday Independent' continues to be Ireland's highest selling newspaper with 62.9pc of the quality Sunday market share - over twice that of 'The Sunday Times'.

In the popular Sunday market, the 'Sunday World' also continues to be the highest selling newspaper with sales of 133,946 per week, equalling 43.6pc of all papers sold in the popular market each Sunday.

'The Herald' is Dublin's best-selling paper, holding 17.1pc of the daily popular market. The figures confirm the Irish Independent, 'Sunday Independent', 'Sunday World' and 'The Herald' achieved sales on average of 1,033,395 copies per week.

The continued popularity of these newspapers underlines the trust that buyers and readers of our newspapers put in the journalists and editors of our titles to deliver news that is accurate and fact-checked.

In an era of fake news and the crisis in social media, quality journalism has never been more important, to bravely hold people to account as well as report on all aspects of Irish life.

The reader's ongoing faith in us to continue these traditions highlights how crucial newspapers continue to be to them.

Irish Independent Editor Fionnán Sheahan said: "I want to thank our readers for their loyalty and support in continuing to make the Irish Independent and Irish Independent on Saturday the biggest-selling daily newspapers in Ireland. At all times, the stories we cover, the decisions we make and the issues we campaign on are based upon what is in the best interests of our readers and the country at large. We are not only proud to be Ireland's biggest-selling daily newspaper but also take that responsibility of being an agenda-setting newspaper extremely seriously."

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