Friday 13 December 2019

I'll quit RTE over climate coverage, says Duncan Stewart

Duncan Stewart
Duncan Stewart
Duncan Stewart
Duncan Stewart

Brian Byrne

TV presenter Duncan Stewart said he is planning to step down from RTE over its "irresponsible" coverage of climate change.

Mr Stewart revealed his decision during an interview with Newstalk in which he threatened to leave the studio during an interview with presenter Shane Coleman.

But last night he posted a short statement online saying he was "disappointed" with himself in how he handled the interview.

Mr Stewart had threatened to leave yesterday morning before Mr Coleman agreed to give him the 10 minutes' airtime he demanded. He said that the media was guilty of not giving enough attention to climate change and that he was considering runing in the European Elections

"I'm criticising (RTE) because they're the public State broadcaster," he said. "And I'm very conscious that we need to inform the public about the facts."

Mr Stewart's statement said: "Unfortunately in a radio interview today my passion for the subject of climate change got the better of me and for that I'm very disappointed with myself," he said.

"This issue is too important to be lost in controversy or miscommunicated and in the future I'll endeavour to be more constructive in getting this message across."

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