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Former Baggot Inn barman builds up €2bn media empire


Shane Smith of Vice Media

Shane Smith of Vice Media

Shane Smith of Vice Media

Former Baggot Inn barman Shane Smith has raised €385m from investors in a move that values Vice Media, the gonzo news organisation he co-founded at almost €2bn.

Canadian born Smith, worked in the well known Dublin pub before setting out to become a global media tycoon.

Last week, Vice secured investment from Silicon Valley firm Technology Crossover Ventures and US cable broadcaster A+E Networks. Vice attracts the YouTube-generation with its edgy content which covers everything from gangs in Colombia to tattoo artists.

The son of Irish parents who emigrated to Canada, last year Smith recalled; "I lived in Dublin for a year when I was 19. I worked in the Baggot Inn and drank a lot of beer in Kehoe's."

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