Wednesday 13 November 2019

DMX Digital: 'Combine imaginative thinking and digital media'

Shay Bagnall

Often the best way to learn how to do something well is to observe others in action and that's why would-be digital marketers, SMEs in particular, could learn a lot from how a small UK firm could create a successful business by combining imaginative thinking with the

power of digital media.

And Naked Wine's managing director, Eamon Fitzgerald, will be at DMX Dublin to tell them how it can be done. 

The Naked Wines story is a compelling one that tells of how a small 'challenger' company with a new approach to the business of producing and selling wine shook up a 2000 year old industry and became the £70m business that it is today in the space of a few years. It stands out as an example of how having a clear understanding of digital marketing makes it possible to grow a successful business in our digital age.

"We wanted to show that by thinking in a different way to the mainstream we could create a virtuous circle, whereby we could build a successful business that offers quality and value for our consumers and provides a decent return for our suppliers. We did that by throwing out the rules books and challenging the status quo," says Fitzgerald. 

If you are a marketer looking to see how to create a new product concept from scratch, finance it in an innovative way, supply it with a brand new set of quality producers, and grow a new and exclusive multinational customer base, then you probably need to look no further.

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