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DMX Conference: 'Marketing needs to face up to its new responsibilities'


Scott Brinker

Marketers now have a responsibility to embrace digital technology, attendees at next week's DMX conference will hear.

Scott Brinker, the editor of marketing technology blog chiefmartec.com, will tell the digital marketing conference that the information age has fundamentally changed consumer behaviour.

"We all know that the main driver in the world today is digital but only in the last few years have we hit the tipping point," Mr Brinker told the Irish Independent.

"Consumers no longer rely on 'traditional' advertising or face-to-face sales interactions as a way of learning about brands. Both consumers and business-to-business are now using digital channels as the primary ways of finding and evaluating who they do business with," he added.

Mr Brinker said there "has to be a technical presence" in the modern marketing business.

Technology offers more opportunity than risk, and though many marketers are early in the journey, rewards will come if they can conquer the technical aspect, he added.

The DMX Conference takes place in Dublin's Aviva Stadium on Wednesday.

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