Saturday 16 February 2019

A survey has found who the 'customer relationship leaders' are and the results will surprise you

Chas Moloney, director, Ricoh Ireland and UK
Chas Moloney, director, Ricoh Ireland and UK
Ellie Donnelly

Ellie Donnelly

More than two thirds of European consumers say the best brands are those who treat them as individuals, according to new research commissioned by technology specialist Ricoh.

Consumers were asked to rank brands in terms of the quality of the relationships with them before (reach), during (respond) and after (retain) purchase.

The brands which fared best were PayPal, Yamaha Motor, Amazon, Apple, and Samsung.

Facebook, however, came in only 20th.

The research also found that more than one in two consumers would spend more with brands that make them feel valued, further emphasizing the need for businesses to communicate in a more tailored way.

“The research we commissioned shows fifty seven percent of consumers would also spend more with brands that make them feel like valued customers. This heightens the fact that driving business growth must be intimately linked to making interactions easy and ensuring consumers feel appreciated,” Chas Moloney, director, Ricoh Ireland and UK, said.

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Of those surveyed, 59pc felt that brands tend to only care about their money and not the level of customer service provided, while 70pc said that they would prefer brands to focus more on their needs during and after the purchase.

The findings highlight the demand for personalised services, Rioch said, and for businesses to ensure they have the digital solutions to meet and exceed evolving customer requirements.

“The right technology along with streamlined digital processes are the most powerful tools in the battle to satisfy and retain today’s consumers,” Moloney said.

The survey of 3,600 consumers was conducted by Censuswide across Europe and included more than 250 Irish respondents.

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