Friday 22 November 2019

McEniff out to Trump Donald

What's the difference between the McEniff name in Ireland and Donald Trump's in the US?

Not much, former GAA player and member of the Donegal hotel family, Sean McEniff, tells shareholders yesterday in a letter as he outlined plans for his new online betting venture, Seaniemac.

McEniff is chairman of US listed minnow Compliance Systems Corp, the vehicle behind Its shareholders must certainly be impressed. No blushes have been spared with the hyperbole.

"Relatively speaking, the McEniff name in Ireland would be considered the equivalent of the Trump name in the United States," he says in the letter.

The Punt is agog. It has always had a soft spot for the Donegal hoteliers, but never quite considered them the Trumps of Ireland. Of Bundoran and the northwest, perhaps, but the Trumps of Ireland?

Sean McEniff's father, Brian, heads the hotel empire and was a GAA star, leading Donegal to its first All Ireland football victory back in 1992.

"The Irish equivalent of winning the US Super Bowl," Sean McEniff helpfully tells the shareholders of the company, which is 70pc backed by US investors with the remainder owned by McEniff and Kerry businessman Shane O'Driscoll.

Seaniemac will focus on the Irish market, and has inked a deal with the GAA to stream games on its website.

"We have assembled an impressive roster of 'A-list' Gaelic Games former athletes for endorsements, starting with Larry Tompkins, who is considered the Irish equivalent to the NFL's John Madden," says McEniff.

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