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Make me richer: get a smart television, never miss out


BULLETS OVER BALLYER: Nidge from ‘Love/Hate’

BULLETS OVER BALLYER: Nidge from ‘Love/Hate’

BULLETS OVER BALLYER: Nidge from ‘Love/Hate’

You missed 'Love/Hate' last weekend, and you've spent every waking hour since desperately trying to piece together the plot from water cooler gossip.

Should have used RTE Player, dummy. What better way to check out the series finale than on a - deep breath - 40-inch Samsung UE40H6400 40 6 Series 3D LED Smart TV? Plus, as long as you order it online you'll pick it up for a song.

Best: €490.88, Factory Choice

Hmm: €929, Littlewoods Ireland

Save: €438.12


Car insurance

You're a 19-year-old student and, with the recent public transport price hikes, you've decided to get insured and drive from home. Driving a 2002 Volkswagen Polo worth €2,000, with no claims or penalty points, how much can you save?

Best: €1,128, Cover in a Click

Hmm: €2,937, Liberty

Save: €1,809



It's coming up to your anniversary and once again you're out of gift ideas for your other half. Fear not, if there's anything we learned from 'Father Ted', it's that perfume was invented so you don't need to put any thought into your present whatsoever. Probably best not to let your partner know that though, or that you saved over €40 on that fancy bottle of Calvin Klein's Eternity Moment.

Best: €32.21, Shop Ireland

Hmm: €77.85, Debenhams Ireland

Save: €45.64


Phone insurance

After picking up your iPhone 6 on day one when it went on sale, you never let it out of your sight. Fast forward a few weeks later and you're not keeping quite as close an eye on it and it's started getting a few scratches. To make sure your phone survives any of the punishment that you dish out in your day-to-day use, it might be a good idea to take out a gadget insurance policy that covers damage as well as loss and theft.

Best: €7.99 per month, Gadget Insurance

Hmm: €14.99 per month, Carphone Warehouse

Save: €7 per month


Unlimited broadband

You've just taken a job in Dublin city centre, and one of the first things that you have to do after moving into the big smoke is get your internet up and running. While some may prefer the flexibility of not having a contract, you can make some serious savings on a 24- month deal.

Best: €35 per month, Vodafone (24 month contract)

Hmm: €54.99 per month, Magnet (No contract)

Save: €19.99 per month


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