Saturday 21 April 2018

Make me richer

Pedal power: David Cameron, with a helmet dangling from the handlebars
Pedal power: David Cameron, with a helmet dangling from the handlebars
Gavin McLoughlin

Gavin McLoughlin

Bicycle helmet

David Cameron is back in Downing Street and a referendum on 'Brexit' looms. Should the UK pull out of Europe the consequences for Ireland and Europe would be profoundly damaging, experts reckon.

So it's probably a good idea to think of your safety and buy some head protection if the sky ends up falling in. Try the Specialised S-Works Evade bicycle helmet - it looks rather fetching too!

Best: €220, Marrey Bikes

Hmm: €260, MyCycle

Save: €40 - enough to buy yourself a day's rations should you need to huddle in a bunker

Sleeping bag

Music festival season is approaching, and if you're masochistic enough to camp in a tent for days amid all sorts of debauchery, you'll need a sleeping bag. The Vango Ultralite 600 Regular will keep you toasty. If you can't afford it, please don't take the approach that a man known to this column is said to have taken - going to the festival with nothing except the clothes on his back and stealing everything he needed.

Best: €87.12, The Scout Shop Ireland

Hmm: €99.95, Charles Camping

Save: €12.83 - enough to buy an extra six-pack of beer

Travel insurance

Prudence is every finance minister's favourite word. Sometimes they don't practise what they preach, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be prudent too. Getting travel insurance is very prudent - who knows what could go wrong? Price is for annual worldwide multi-trip cover.

Best: €26.95,

Hmm: €49, VHI Multitrip

Save: €22.05 - enough for a nice meal in a nice restaurant

Hedge trimmer

Man vs nature - life's great battle. The neighbours are complaining because your unkempt hedge is ruining their carefully manicured garden. But man can defeat nature using a machine born of his unmatched brainpower - the Bosch AHS 52 Li Accutrim. That hedge doesn't have a hope.

Best: €137.98,

Hmm: €149, John's DIY

Save: €11.02 - enough for a pint when the work is done

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