Saturday 20 January 2018

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CANNONDALE SYNAPSE: A proper athlete’s bike
CANNONDALE SYNAPSE: A proper athlete’s bike
Gavin McLoughlin

Gavin McLoughlin

Bicycle - They say cycling is the new golf, which is a good thing because in this column's opinion it's the greatest sport on Earth. Join the craze properly with the beautiful Cannondale Synapse 5 105 Disc. It's a proper athlete's bike - neither a basket or a bell in sight. Just make sure to stay away from drugs won't you?

Best: €1,300, The Bike Store

Hmm: €1,430, MyCycle

Save: €130 - enough for a couple of brightly coloured lycra jerseys that willll make you feel like a pro.



Anyone who get really into the cycling might want to take things to the next level and start shaving their legs. There's division within the cycling community about why this happens. Some say it's to make wound care easier, others say it helps performance. If you're a woman you're probably smooth-legged anyway, but if you're a man, the Gillette Venus Proskin Sensitive will do the trick and unleash your inner goddess.

Best: €7.99, Boots

Hmm: €13.19, Sam McCauley

Save: €5.20 - enough for a couple of nice coffees when you're out on the bike and stop for a break.



All that cycling has eaten away at the muscles in your upper body, though your things have grown to the size of tree trunks. Even things up a bit with the

Mileage Fitness AD-55 Adjustable Dumbbell, which goes from 2.27 kilos to 24.95 kilos. Just be aware - the heavier you are the harder it will be to cycle uphill.

Best: €230, Irish Fit

Hmm: €460, The Running Superstore

Save: a staggering €230 - enough to buy an indoor exercise bike if you don't fancy going out in the rain. A warning - such an attitude may attract scorn from your fellow men and women of the road.


Mouth Organ

Perhaps sport isn't your thing and instead you look to music for a new hobby. The mouth organ deserves to make a comeback, so why not plump for the Hohner Diatonic MS System Pro Harp in A?

Best: €35, Goodwins Musical Instruments

Hmm: €46.90, Waltons

Save: €11.90 - enough for a month on Spotify Premium

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