Monday 11 December 2017


Nick Webb

Nick Webb

Trying to get your head around the various health insurance policies at VHI, Aviva, Laya and Glo is as much fun as going to the dentist. And eating broccoli. However, the smart, young folks over at have done all the hard work in this week's health insurance special. They've compared all the bells and whistles of policies for different categories and crunched the numbers in detail. These prices below are after tax reliefs and group discounts (where applicable). It's also worth noting that Laya's prices include a 3 per cent charge for paying monthly. Check out for the best policy for you.


For someone with a bit of cash to spare and needing a pretty decent standard of cover including a private room in a hi-tech hospital with knobs on. Quotes from

Best: Glo ultimate €5,560

Avoid: VHI Health Plus Platinum €7,872.50

Saving: €2,312.50

contact: or 1890 781 781


A perfectly normal family of two adults and two kids looking for semi-private accommodation in a private hospital and a reasonable level of day-to-day cover for medical expenses. Quotes from

Best: VHI PMI 1911 €2,652.22

Avoid: Glo Better Plan Ultra Cash €3,190

Saving: €537.78

Contact: or 1890 44 44 44


We're back in recession – again. That means that budgets are going to be tight for the foreseeable future. The most basic, basic level of cover for an adult. This is a modest step up from sitting on a trolley for a couple of days in a public hospital. Quotes from

Best: Laya Essential Secure €495

Avoid: Glo Basic €560

Saving: €65

Contact: or 1890 700 890


Kids are blooming expensive but not as bad as students. Getting cover for a family with two children and two students is going to hurt. It's almost worth putting one of them through medical school to train up your own private physician. Quotes from

Best: Aviva Family Value €2,716

Avoid: Glo Better €3,205

Saving: €489

Contact: or 1890 717 717


Uncertainty over medical bills is not something you want when you're older, especially when pensions are being cut. Cover for a private room in a semi-private hospital. Quotes from

Best: Laya Healthwise Plus no excess €1,003.59

Avoid: VHI Teachers/Nurse Plan €1,254

Saving: €250.41

Contact: or 1890 700 890


You know the story. Tropicana OJ gets replaced by 'own brand'. Weetabix is no longer there. Instead, it's Weeta chunks or some other own-brand derivative. Cutbacks in household budgets are biting deep. Health insurance for families can be pared back, too. Quotes from

Best: Aviva First Focus/Family focus €2,012

Avoid: Glo Better €2,290

Saving: €278

Contact: or 1890 717 717

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