Sunday 21 July 2019

Kildare Village's third phase to add up to 380 new jobs


Desiree Bollier, chairwoman of the Bicester Village Shopping Collection
Desiree Bollier, chairwoman of the Bicester Village Shopping Collection

Michael Cogley

The Owners of the Kildare Village retail unit expect its latest expansion of 30 new boutiques to add up to 380 new jobs and generate around €140m in revenue.

Value Retail Dublin was granted planning permission late last year for a sizeable capital investment - believed to be around €70m - to expand and upgrade its outlet mall.

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The development, which is expected to be completed by 2021, will have 130 units. The company has performed strongly, despite the challenges posed by traditional retail registering double-digit annual growth last year.

Desiree Bollier, chairwoman of the Bicester Village Shopping Collection, of which Kildare is a part, said that a series of "cumulative bad decisions" caused the downturn in the fortunes of retail.

"People took the customer for granted, sales people disappeared because it was costing money, seating areas were costing areas of selling, the whole thing went away from being customer- centric to being so bottom-line driven," she told the Sunday Independent.

"The customer bit by bit began asking 'what is this?' And it was at that point digital was rising. Retail became a distribution channel, no longer an experience, and digital came in for a distribution channel. It did not happen overnight."

Bollier said Kildare Village had been "extremely successful" in helping customers discover brands for the first time.

"We are a major recruiter of full-price customers for a lot of these brands," she said.

"When we opened here first, many brands didn't have a flagship here, like Ted Baker - we were a point of entry in the marketplace for them. I'm envisaging the same scenario will happen with the next phase."

Paris-based clothing brands Sandro and Maje will open this summer.

More brands are set to be named in the coming months.

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