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Irish firms switching focus to hiring overseas as skills crunch bites


29pc of Irish firms reported taking steps to hire foreign workers

29pc of Irish firms reported taking steps to hire foreign workers

29pc of Irish firms reported taking steps to hire foreign workers

Nearly one-third of Irish businesses have taken to posting job adverts abroad in an effort to hire workers as the shortage of skilled staff in Ireland continues.

According to a new survey by online job agency Indeed, nearly a fifth of businesses were providing supports to foreign workers settling in Ireland, including housing, childcare and visa support. Close to a quarter of companies were also hiring foreign recruitment agencies.

Commenting on the research, Jack Kennedy, an economist at Indeed, said overseas workers could help to alleviate shortages in critical sectors.

“With a shortage of skilled workers, there is a recognition that migrants from overseas can help fill important gaps – but more can be done by the Government to help ease the path of those moving to Ireland.

“The data is clear. Irish businesses have been actively recruiting across international markets, and plan to continue to do so into the future.

“However, competitive labour markets domestically and internationally highlight the effort that businesses need to put in to attract these highly skilled talent pools.”

Indeed’s research found that Ireland had one of the most positive attitudes toward the contributions of foreign workers to the economy.

The recruitment agency evaluated eight European countries and found favourable sentiment for the skills and economic contribution of migrant workers in Ireland, with 86pc of respondents saying they enjoyed working with colleagues from other countries.

This was the highest of the countries surveyed, with the UK the next most positive at 77pc. Belgium had the lowest at 63pc.

In Ireland, 84pc of businesses said attracting high-skilled workers from other countries was important for the Irish economy. As a result, many companies reported taking steps to hire foreign workers, including 29pc posting job ads abroad, 22pc hiring foreign recruitment agencies, and 18pc providing support to settle in Ireland, including housing, childcare and visa support.

With employers going to such lengths to invest time and resources into overseas recruitment to fill labour shortages, 58pc of businesses said the Government should make it easier for foreign nationals to come to Ireland.

The survey also found that 63pc of respondents acknowledged that foreign nationals are needed to fill skill gaps.

Indeed’s survey was run in collaboration with Censuswide. In Ireland it included data from 250 businesses and 1,000 individuals.

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