Wednesday 19 June 2019

Irish companies lag in naming women to CEO and top management positions

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David Chance

JUST one out of nine of large companies in Ireland have female chief executives.

The corresponding figure for all senior management roles was 28pc, with domestic companies' performance faring worse on the issue than their foreign counterparts.

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The data comes from a new publication by the Central Statistics Office yesterday.

It showed that gender equality is well behind the UK, where women now make up 30pc of Ftse-100 boards after a government-led campaign.

In Ireland, women occupy 12pc of CEO positions, 7pc of board chairperson roles, 20pc of board membership and 28pc of senior executive positions, according to the CSO.

"There was higher representation of women in foreign­-owned than in Irish­owned enterprises," said CSO statistician Gerard Doolan.

Women accounted for 31pc of senior executive teams in foreign companies and 21pc of their boards, while for Irish companies the figures were 26pc and 19pc respectively, according to the CSO which surveyed the top 250 companies here. Construction was the industry with the worst overall record, at 9pc of board membership. In Services, women accounted for 22pc of board membership and in Industry 17pc.

Among the high-profile women with top jobs at Irish companies are Siobhán Talbot at Glanbia and Francesca McDonagh at Bank of Ireland.

Central Bank of Ireland director general of financial conduct Derville Rowland recently highlighted research showing that gender diversity on boards resulted in better business outcomes.

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