Wednesday 26 June 2019

How to Make Your Commute the Most Productive Part of Your Day

Alice Murray - Independent Jobs

According to the most recent census, the average Irish person spends about 28.2 minutes commuting to work every day.

Whether you travel by train, DART, bus or by car there are a few things that you can do to make that half an hour the most productive part of your day.

Take your work offline

Your commute is the perfect time to ditch the distractions and tackle the tasks that you’ve been procrastinating. If you have a long train or bus journey forget about the dodgy wifi and take your work offline instead.

Use this time to do some internet-free work whether that’s reading over the notes from a recent meeting, catching up on industry news or reviewing a PowerPoint for your presentation.


Cramped public transport probably isn’t your idea of zen or serenity. I know that your commute isn’t the most obvious time to meditate but perhaps it could be the time that you need it the most.

If you’ve never tried it before then you should download a guided meditation app to help. Headspace and Calm are two great options. It’s an easy way to make time for yourself in a busy day, plus a guided meditation will help to drown out the idiot talking loudly on his/her phone (there’s always one).

Listen to a good audiobook

If the thought of reading on moving transport makes you feel queasy then you are not alone. However, you can still enjoy a good book without having to actually read it.

Audible is a great source for this kind of content. With most books being about eight to 16 hours long, they can usually be finished within a few weeks of commuting.

Catch up on some sleep

If you have a long commute you’re probably getting up early and going to bed late. As a result, your daily commute could be the perfect time for you to catch up on some much-needed zzzs.

Being sleep deprived affects your daily performance. Without adequate rest, you will be drowsy, groggy and generally not at the top of your game. Don’t let that happen!

Search for jobs

Are you on the lookout for a new job? Use your morning commute to search for your perfect gig. With sites like Jobbio, you can apply for roles with just one click which means you can easily find your perfect role while wedged between sweaty commuters. Who knows, it might even include remote working.


Who says you have to spend your commute on a stuffy bus or overcrowded Luas? Walking, running or cycling to work is a great way to fit exercise into your regular routine. Ask your HR manager if they run a Bike to Work scheme. You can save up to 51% of the cost of a bike and accessories which is great news for your dwindling bank account.

If your commute is too long for this then try getting off your bus or train a stop early and walking from there. Even five to ten minutes of exercise will clear your head in preparation for the day ahead.

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