Monday 19 August 2019

How to be more confident at work

Aoife Geary - Independent Jobs

In every office or workplace you’re likely to encounter a few big personalities. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if you’re not the most extroverted character you may find your voice gets lost in the fray.

Worse still, you might be reluctant to even enter the conversation for fear of being shut down or appearing foolish. You’re not alone. Many of us have struggled with asserting ourselves in the workplace. If you’re feeling a bit invisible or insecure in your role, here’s how to be more confident.

Check yourself

Your stature, the tone of your voice and even your ability to hold a gaze all play a part in how confident you feel. Sitting up straight and making eye contact when a colleague is speaking to you will do wonders for your perceived confidence levels. Plus you’ll look more dashing!

Don’t beat yourself up

Your confidence will never improve if you’re constantly berating yourself over past failings. You need to accept that mistakes happen and however frustrating it might be, you have to move on. Just try to take something from the experience. One technique is to think of an aspect of your job you initially struggled with but now find easy or a skill that you’ve built up over your education or career. It doesn’t have to be a monumental achievement, just a small win that reminds you that you’re capable of growth.

Ask for advice

If you’re not convinced of your own abilities, seek feedback from a trusted colleague or manager. Best case scenario they assure you of your brilliance. Worst case scenario they help you pinpoint your mistakes so you know what you need to work on. Another way to feel less apprehensive at work is to find a mentor, someone who can really accelerate your career development and rate of learning. Mentorship allows you to sound out issues in a contained way and become more comfortable with pitching ideas and taking critique. It’s also an invaluable way to build out your network with experienced people who can offer fresh or different perspectives.

Immerse yourself in the team

Don’t isolate yourself from your colleagues. Focus on ways to work together with your team to achieve your goals. A close professional dynamic can make you more productive and improve your communication skills. When you can communicate more articulately, it naturally makes you feel more confident. Consider ways you can connect with colleagues in a social context too, attend the next team night out or join the walking club. Group social activities can positively impact your confidence professionally too.

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