Tuesday 22 October 2019

Employee benefits that won't break the bank

Aoife Geary - Independent Jobs

While everyone loves a cash injection in their life, when it comes to employee benefits it’s not always about money.

There are lots of ways to motivate employees that don’t require big budget spend and still give an insight into your company culture. In fact, offering more thoughtful perks can have a greater impact than the flashier incentive schemes of larger corporates. Startups and SMEs rejoice!

Here are five employee benefits that won’t break the bank and can help to attract and retain talent.

Employee of the month

A little recognition can go a long way! Singling out an employee who has gone above and beyond in a particular month is a great way to show gratitude for their outstanding performance and encourage their colleagues to follow suit.

Wellness benefits

Think of the perks you can offer that will boost team morale and wellness – free fruit in the morning, discounted gym memberships, a weekly yoga class or even an external mental health workshop. Your staff want to know that you have their wellbeing in mind.

56% of people say their company doesn’t have sufficient supports in place to help with mental health issues.

Duvet days

These days don’t necessarily require a quilt and laziness but give employees one day a year (outside of their holidays or sick leave) to stay at home no questions asked. It’s a small but effective gesture. Some companies also opt to give staff a day off on their birthday.

Casual dress code

A non corporate environment can be a big draw for prospective talent. A casual dress code can indicate a culture that allows employees to bring their personality to work with them and to be comfortable in their working environment.

Innovation days

Innovation days are a brilliant way to encourage cohesion in a company. Pick one day bi monthly or quarterly where each team comes together and brainstorms a specific area of the business. It may be the next product feature, the latest marketing campaign or even what to do with the common area.

Allow everyone to contribute their ideas and feedback. Not only is this an amazing way to educate people about the various elements of your organisation, it can also create buy-in with more disengaged employees. It might even result in your next big idea.


Remote working

Giving employees the freedom to work remotely fosters goodwill among the team and is a cost-effective benefit for those looking for increased flexibility. Offering remote working can benefit everyone in the company regardless of their age, family situation or hobbies and interests.

Office space

The environment we work in has a big impact on our productivity, energy and happiness. You don’t need massive resources to make the office a pleasant place to work. Use colour on the walls, put plants around the desk space and create communal areas for the team to get together and chat, away from their computers or phones. Everyone loves a good bean bag!

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